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Management Acceleration

It equips you with the relevant perspectives & skills to work effectively across functions &cultures.This program helps you to expand your business expertise, strengthen your knowledge and skill sets, and gives you the confidence you need to take that next step. The Program equips you with the relevant perspectives to work effectively across functions.

Branding & Promotions

It is a strategy that is commonly used in marketing to increase customer loyalty, awareness of products.A company’s brand represents their market identity—who they are, what they do, what kind of quality they provide, their reputation for trustworthiness, and more. The aim of the promotion is to increase awareness, generate sales or create brand loyalty.

Sales Plan & Pitching

It is the initial presentation of your product to a prospect..It is a strategy that sets out sales targets for your business and identifies the steps to meet your targets,sales tactics for your sales team .We help you for the building of trust between you & your potential buyer; the foundation on which you build a relationship with your prospects as they move through the pipeline.

Market Research

We provide a summarized report, are then used to help business owners make more informed decisions about the company’s strategies, operations, and potential customer base, understanding industry shifts, changing consumer needs and preferences, and legislative trends, among other things, can shape where a business chooses to focus its efforts and resources.

Business Plan Development

Business plan work as a road map for how to structure, run, and grow your new business. It’s a way to think through the key elements of your business. Your business plan is the tool you’ll use to convince people that working with you or investing in your company is a smart choice.It involves various diagonals of business like marketing & sales, financial projections, organizational.

Funding & Finance Planning

It implies deciding what to & how to spend according to the funds that are available.We help you for the smoothing of blood-circulation in your business, as money is the bloodline in any business. Most of the businesses fail due to lack of both: funding and finance management. CorpoKin has expertise in providing multi-dimensional ways to tackle this impeccable part of the business.

Advertising Media

In this dynamic industry — new advertising media options are constantly emerging in Digital and social media we are here to choose the most efficient media for an advertising campaign to evaluate media efficiency, we consider a range of factors including the required coverage and number of exposures in a target audience; along with the understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each of the main media options.

New Product Development

New product development is a management,includes the conceptualization, design, development and marketing of newly created or newly rebranded goods or services. The objective is to cultivate, maintain & increase a company's market share by developing continuous practices and strategies to better satisfy customer requirements which require an understanding of customer needs and wants, the competitive environment.

IT Infrastructure

It refers to an enterprise's entire collection of hardware, software, networks, data centres, facilities and related equipment used to develop, test, operate, monitor, manage and support information technology services. Furthermore are like IT service desk, End user support, Enterprise systems & network management, Data centre consolidation and hosting, Database services, Cloud hosting (AWS), Project management and governance

Event Management

It involves studying the brand, identifying its target audience, devising the event concept, and coordinating the technical aspects before actually launching the event which can include budgeting, scheduling, site selection, acquiring necessary permits, coordinating transportation and parking, arranging for speakers or entertainers, arranging decor, event security, catering, coordinating with third-party vendors.

Digital Marketing

It is the marketing of products.Digital marketing methods such as Search Engine Optimisation,SEM , content marketing, influencer marketing, content automation, campaign marketing, data-driven marketing, e-commerce marketing, social media marketing, social media optimization, e-mail direct marketing, display advertising, e-books are becoming more common in our advancing technology.

Work Culture Designing

Work Culture Management is an integrated set of processes that an institution uses to optimize the productivity of its employees on the individual, departmental, and entity-wide levels. In a organization, or government entity it involves matching employee skills to specific tasks over time, quantifying the amount and types of labour needed to accomplish particular jobs on a day-to-day or hour-to-hour basis.

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